Frequently Asked Questions


    • What is Professional WIFI?

    The ability to have 100% without any drop signal with use of Access Point install instead of the typical Modem/Router combo.

    • Why are Access Points better than regular WIFI?

    An Access can increase the network WIFI designated area by 100%.

    • What is the difference between Access Point and regular WIFI?

    100% coverage versus 50% or less.

    • Why is commercial Surveillance Security Systems so much better than the Do-it-yourself brads?

    Commercial brands offers longer warranty and customer support.

    • What kind of Cameras do you offer?

    We offer all kind of Cameras. We only use three manufactures Brands: AVYCON, CLINTON ELECTRONICS, and TIANDY.

    • What is an IP Surveillance Camera?

    IP stands for Internet Protocol. IP camera is digital video can transmit data over a network with the help of an NVR works with mobile devices to view your security feeds from anywhere with an internet connection usually refer to as network cameras.

    • What is the difference between an NVR and a DVR

    NVR stands for Network Video Recorder uses stands for Network cameras (IP cameras). DVR stands for Digital Video Recorder uses analog cameras and convert it into digital signal format. They both use a Hard drive to store data.

    • Can I view live signal remotely anywhere in the world?

    Yes you can with an Internet connection.

    • Do I need a Network connection (Internet) to install IP surveillance system?

    No the System can record 24 hours even with internet. Internet connection is only for remote viewing.

    • Can I view multiple cameras at the same time?


    • Can I use my existing CCTV cameras for upgrade?

    Yes it all depends on what kind of previously system you had installed.

    • What CCTV?

    Closed Caption Television.

    • What kind of Surveillance system do you offer?

    We only offer the most recent top of the line IP Surveillance System.

    • What kind of Cameras do you offer?

    We offer all kind of Cameras PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom), Fisheye cameras, Bullet cameras, Turret cameras also known as Eyeball cameras, Vandal Dome cameras Hidden cameras.

    • What kind of resolution your cameras have?

    From 2MP to 12MP which includes 4K,2K and 1080P cameras.

    • Can I zoom in for closer picture?

    Yes we offer a whole line of cameras you can use to zoom in for closer view, including PTZ with Auto-Tracking capability zoom auto-focus.

    • What are your monthly fees?

    We don't have monthly fees or customer support fees the price you pay after the install is the only price you pay.

    • Do you offer any NDAA compliant cameras?

    We offer a full line of NDAA compliant equipment which include Cameras, NVR and POE and Network Switches.

    • Do you Cameras comes with Built-in Audios?


    • Can I watch Live views on Pc's?